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  Paintings inspired by New England: (Newest work is presented first)

Changing Times

24"x30" acrylic/canvas

New Emotions

24"x30" acrylic/canvas

Searching For Meaning

16"x20" Oil on Canvas


20"x16" Oil on Canvas


20"x16" Oil on Canvas

Calm Before Night

Oil on Canvas

Starting Over

24"x24" Oil on Canvas

Mill Pond (2)

16"x20" Oil on Canvas

Eastern Edge (Family beach scene)

Eastern Edge

16"x20" Oil on Canvas

Warm Afternoon (Cape Cod landscape painting)

Warm Afternoon

20"x24" Oil on Canvas

Summer Job (Lobster man painting)

Summer Job

20"x24" Oil on Canvas

Older Paintings

Paintings of CHICAGO & Michigan


Chicago Art: Painting of Michigan Avenue Bridge with Tribune Tower

Click to see paintings of Chicago and Lake Michigan



Monotypes: Hats, Trees & Clouds.


About These Paintings...


Cape Cod Beach painting


Each of us has the ability to affect others in a positive way.

My personal passion is for making art which communicates positive energy,

inner peace, and a sense of guiding spirituality.

I am successful in that regard. I know that the images I make are valued

for those qualities, because people who buy them tell me their reactions to

living with them. In two extreme examples, women have told me that

they chose my paintings as focal points while giving birth. 

This is not an accident.   

I have crafted each one to evoke a pleasant physical and emotional response

in those who view them.

How does this happen?

My paintings are infused with symphonic motion and subtle color vibrations. 

Each painting has multiple rhythms within it. The textures and colors are layered

to emulate the way that music often affects the way we react to the landscape. 

Imagine riding in your car, listening to your favorite music and seeing a

glorious sunset.  The music enhances the image.  In my paintings, I paint

the texture to music, then paint the scene, emulating the effect of sound and image."

And why do I do this?

These artworks and the lives of those they affect are my legacy to the world.

They will continue to elevate the spirits of others long after I am gone.

By adding these paintings to your life, you become a part of that legacy. 

They will enhance your energy and enrich the lives of those around you.

The paintings will become a reflection of your own enriching,

loving spirit, and will be remembered for that.

-Bruce Wood

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